Campground Coffee And A Nifty Tool

Last summer, before we headed out for our family camping trip to Yellowstone National Park, my husband took some time to be prepared. He headed to REI and purchased an insulated coffee press for me. I love my coffee in the morning, but I readily admit that I've never enjoyed making it while camping.

When we first started tent camping years ago, my morning coffee couldn't be savored until the campfire was lit. This, of course, took some time and often resulted in a rocky start to the morning for me. When we got our travel trailer, my early  morning routine became far easier because I have a full kitchen and a little electric coffee maker. I'm always the first one up in the family, so it is very easy for me to push a button and savor a hot cup shortly thereafter.

Last summer, however, it looked like my campground coffee routine was going to be rocked while we were at the Madison Campground in Yellowstone. The campground is lovely but we were forewarned that there wouldn't be any hookups, which meant there wasn't any electricity or water at the site. We don't bother using a generator for our camper, so this meant I'd either have to start the campfire myself at 6 am (NOT!)  or I'd have to boil water on the gas stove in the camper and resort to Sanka. Luckily, my husband found the insulated stainless steel coffee press, which meant that I could boil water quietly in the camper and enjoy my favorite organic coffee by myself in peace! I was very thankful that I didn't have to split kindling, fan a fire, or sport a raincoat in order to get my coffee!

Indeed, it's a rough and tumble  little coffee press that keeps the coffee acceptably warm for at least an hour. I knew we had a winner when I carted my press through the campground to the washing station. On more than one occasion. my fellow campers perked up and asked me where I found that awesome little coffee press!

--Melissa A. Trainer